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Freedom Alert 2-Way Voice Emergency Pendant

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Get Help With Just A Push Of A Button
$249.95 Includes Free Shipping !!

The most affordable
Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) available.
Compared with other PERS devices the FREEDOM
ALERT offers you the most 
advantages for your investment.

Here are just a few advantages:

  • No Monthly Fees - EVER!
  • No Contracts - EVER!
  • No Activation Cost - EVER!
  • Contact up to 4 people plus 911
  • Small two-way Speaker/Microphone pendant
  • Plus much more.....

     Complete Package includes everything you need - including all rechargeable batteries !

Freedom Alert is the product that gives you full protection at home. The powerful pendant allows you communicate anywhere inside or outside of your home.  Even in your yard or driveway where other devices fail to protect.  Using the two-way voice pendant you can talk to and listen to friends, family, neighbors or emergency responders when you press the blue button on your pendant to summons help.  Within seconds you can tell them where you are and what assistance you need.

Protection both in your HOME and in your YARD.

Freedom Alert is the idea product for all ages not just seniors living alone.  Over the years we have sold this product to people who wanted to have a device that the babysitter could carry in case of an emergency they could be contacted with just a push of a button even if the sitter had to exit the home.

Farmers have purchased this device in case of accidents in the barn or around the property.

Wheelchair bound users have used the Freedom Alert to summon help when needed.

The list goes on and on... This product fills a need for almost everyone looking for simple affordable protection.

Are you one of the thousands of people paying for a monthly monitoring service?
Ask yourself these simple questions.  

  • If I fall or get injured in the yard or my driveway can my company hear me?

  • If I slip and fall in the bathroom with the door closed can my company hear me?

  • Can I call family, friends or neighbors when I just need a little assistance?

  • Can I call 911 direct to avoid losing precious time during an actual emergency?

  • Can I talk and listen directly with my current pendant or wrist band? 

        If you answered NO to any of these questions you need the Freedom Alert

HealthConnection, Inc. is a long time distributor/dealer for LogicMark the
manufacturer of the Freedom Alert and the original Guardian Alert 911 system.  
With over 20 years of excellent service, you can trust we will be here to serve you.

Freedom Alert $249.95
Includes Free Shipping - Order yours today!

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